Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Tatted Mask

Well, here's a new experience for me. I haven't been able to keep a blog going in the past despite many attempts at it. I came to the conclusion I was trying too hard, trying to be something I am not by mimicking what others with fabulous blogs are doing. So, I've revamped things on my old blog and am giving this another shot.

One of the problems I have had in starting and maintaining a blog is feeling I had to limit myself to a particular subject matter. For someone who has interests all over the place - from tatting and belly dance costuming to 2012 and spirituality - limiting oneself to a particular topic is more than a challenge, it's downright impossible. And at the moment I can think of about five different things I'd like to discuss right off the bat.

But, to keep things straightforward and simple I'm going to do my best to limit myself to one topic per blog. If I have multiple things to discuss, I'll create multiple blogs. Or not. Best not to have too many rules, right?

One fun thing I wanted to talk about is the new mask I am tatting for Halloween.

I was inspired to make the mask by TotusMel who is a fantastic needle tatter. Check out her Etsy store by clicking the link.

Other than the basic idea for the mask, the addition of metallic thread on the outer portion of the black, and the design of the purple trim, the mask is my own creation. Sort of. I still have to give props to TotusMel for inspiring me to make this and acknowledge that I am pilfering her ideas. (She has a tatted mask tutorial on her blog if you want to make your own using her pattern and instructions.)

Anyway, for the main stitching I used a clover pattern I taught myself while trying to recreate a piece of antique tatted lace I purchased a couple years ago. It took me ages to figure out how to do it, but at last I succeeded. The clover pattern worked fairly well around the wire eye openings with the addition of two rings at the corners. To extend the bottom of the mask I added a few more chains and rings.

The purple edging is made of long chains, small rings and a bead at the end of each ring. It looks curly in the photo because I have not yet ironed it down. I need to do that soon, though, because I'm not sure metallic thread will hold up to heat very well and I want to iron it before I finish adding the thread detail in case it proves to be delicate. I will also add beading similar to TotusMel's Such a Sad Love mask.

If you look closely you will see that the center ring where I connected the two wire eye openings was not a success. If I make another mask in the future I will use a tatted flower to join the two, rather than creating a mere ring that goes wonky the way this one did. 

I hope I get to wear the mask. Almost every year my husband and I go trick-or-treating with his niece and nephew and it's always a lot of fun. A lot of walking, but a lot of fun. And we almost always dress up. I usually end up wearing a belly dance outfit and I'm guessing this year I'll do the same, as I've got loads of costumes this mask would compliment. Once I get it finished I'll post another photo.

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  1. a wonderful mask, like you I follow TotusMel on utube but I am only a beginner with needle tatting